Why be Anonymous?

Do I really have to answer that question?  Are you stupid or just naive?

What do you think would happen if I blared out my name all over the internet?  I mean, I may hate our church and this job, but we do have to eat.

Being a ministerial family is terrible enough, should I add my wailings and gnashings of teeth to the mix?  Do you think they would be uplifted by how I feel?  Aren’t we supposed to NOT hurt one another?

I am writing anonymously to save my butt and the butts my family.  Kermit knows how I feel, and he loves me anyway.

No, we have to feed and clothe our children.  And I need to vent.  So there you go.  Anonymous, bitter wife of a minister.  This way I can get it off my chest without hurting those around me.

Deal with it.


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