Why Kermit?

Why in the hell do I call my husband Kermit? I mean, you KNOW that’s not his real name, right?

Well, I like it.  It was my great-great-uncle’s name.  For Real.  No kidding.

Nothing against Kermit the Frog.  I like him, too.


Why be Anonymous?

Do I really have to answer that question?  Are you stupid or just naive?

What do you think would happen if I blared out my name all over the internet?  I mean, I may hate our church and this job, but we do have to eat.

Being a ministerial family is terrible enough, should I add my wailings and gnashings of teeth to the mix?  Do you think they would be uplifted by how I feel?  Aren’t we supposed to NOT hurt one another?

I am writing anonymously to save my butt and the butts my family.  Kermit knows how I feel, and he loves me anyway.

No, we have to feed and clothe our children.  And I need to vent.  So there you go.  Anonymous, bitter wife of a minister.  This way I can get it off my chest without hurting those around me.

Deal with it.

I am not a Pastor’s Wife.

This blog is for me.

It’s for me and all of the women that have unwittingly married ministers.  We are the women whose husbands have been “called” into the ministry, but we have not.  We are women who love and support our husbands, but choose to live our lives separately from our husband’s career.  I am not my husband. I should not have to take on some role just because he has chosen a certain career.

I am not called to be a pastor’s wife.  I am called to be Kermit’s wife.  Don’t laugh.  I love Kermit.  And Kermit loves me.